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ACT FAST  - if you think someone has been poisoned!

If you find your 2-year-old with an open bottle of medicine,

If your spouse mixes household cleaners and can't stop coughing,

If your teenager overdoses,

If that liquid in the glass wasn't soda,


If you think someone has been poisoned....

 Call 1-800-222-1222 right away!

Two ways to get help in a poison emergency:


Call 1-800-222-1222.

Both are free and confidential.  

Both give you expert guidance based on age, weight, and amount.


Here's how we help you....FREE!

We save lives and reduce illness from poisonings.
Quick action could save a life.  About half of poisoning emergencies involve small children, but we also provide immediate life-saving information for suicide attempts, medication errors, chemical spills, occupational exposures, product misuse, drug interactions and pet poisonings.

We reduce your health care costs.
About 67% of Poison Center callers are treated at home...safely.  That saves the region's residents over $18 million/year in unnecessary health care costs.

We prevent poisonings.
Reported poisonings are monitored for new or unusually dangerous hazards.  When we identify a problem, we urge manufacturers and government regulators to change the formulation, improve the closure or even ban the product.

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You can help us.

The poison center helps more than 40,000 poison victims a year - FREE!

We rely on your generous contributions to keep this service running.


United Way (8476)

 or CFC (28290).

Poison Prevention Information

Get more information on preventing poisoning.

Get FREE stickers and magnets with the Poison Center emergency phone number.

Remember, call the Poison Center if you suspect a poisoning:


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