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Spike   Spike: Quills up - stay away is a poison awareness program featuring Spike, the porcupine puppet. The program, designed for preschool children, makes it wasy and fun to teach this important topic!
Poison Patrol video
You Can Make A Difference Poison Patrol Video. An entertaining video, featuring the Poison Patrol, that uses the magic of video to teach children about the dangers of poison that surround us everyday.
 poison control psa Poison Control PSA - English. When should I call Poison Control? 
 spanish psa
Poison Control servicio de anuncio público - Spanish. Para qué sirve Poison Control? 

music note Learn the Poison Prevention Jingle (English and Spanish versions available).



 QR Code Poster 2022 A Poison Emergency Can Happen in Seconds
 Candy or Medicine Poster (2022) Is It Candy or Medicine?
Help is Free Know Your Poison Center's Number
 Help is Free Poison Control Help is Free, Expert and Confidential
 All Questions Are Smart All Questions about Poisons Are Smart Questions
 Keep Her Safe  Keep Her Safe
 Turn on Lights Turn on the Lights. Get Your Glasses. Read the Label.
 candy or med Is It Candy or Medicine? 
 never assume your child cant open a pill bottle Never Assume A Child Can't Open A Pill Bottle 


National Capital Poison Center brochure (How does Poison Control help you? First aid in a poison emergency. What is a poison emergency. Why and when should I call Poison Control?) 
 Inhalant Brochure Inhalant brochure

Tip Cards

webPC tip card thumbnail
Two ways to get poison help:
webPOISONCONTROL (online) and by phone
Plant Card   Plant card
 tip card prevent poisonings in children  Prevent poisonings in children
 Tip Card Adult  Prevent poisonings in adults
 tip card prevent poisonings in seniors  Prevent poisonings in seniors

En Español

Spanish brochure NCPC

 poster know your poison center's number in spanish
Tríptico en español. Primeros auxilios y consejos en caso de intoxicación o envenenamiento.

Poster: Acuérdese del teléfono de Poison Control 
 Keep Her Safe Spanish  Poster: Protéjala
 poster poison help is free in spanish Poster: Los servicios de Poison Control son gratis y confidenciales
 tip card prevent poisonings in children spanish Prevenir intoxicaciones y envenenamientos: Instrucciones para proteger as sus hijos
spanish psa
Poison Control servicio de anuncio público - Spanish. Para qué sirve Poison Control? 


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Spike: A preschool poison prevention program


Spike: Quills Up - Stay Away!

Learn the Poison Prevention Jingles

Learn the Poison Help jingle in English or Spanish. Use these jingles to teach the Poison Control number: 1-800-222-1222. Available for download.


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