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The Poison Center is a critical health resource and provides 24/7, expert, free help in poison emergencies.  We are NOT a government agency.  We rely on your generous  donations to keep our phone lines open so no one suffers needlessly from poison.  Each call about a poisoning costs the Poison Center nearly $50...but can SAVE A LIFE and thousands of dollars.

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Every donation will allow the poison center to continue to provide life-saving medical guidance to 40,000 callers each year.

Your poison center is cost effective, safely treating about 65% of callers at home and saving the region's residents over $18 million in medical expenses each year. More than 83% of the poisonings in patients who call the Poison Center before going to a health care facility can be managed entirely at home, with telephone guidance from the Poison Center. This number increases to more than 90% for pediatric poisonings when the Poison Center is consulted first, before other medical intervention is sought.

About half of the poisoning emergencies involve small children. The Center also helps teens, adults, and seniors with drug interactions, suicide attempts, medication errors, substance abuse, chemical spills, and occupational exposures.  Pet owners call too, when the dog, cat or bird has been poisoned.  Highly trained, certified toxicology specialists provide expert treatment and guidance immediately. 

If you prefer to donate by mail, or through United Way:

◊ Mail
your donation to:
           3201 New Mexico Avenue, Suite 310
           Washington, DC 20016

contribute through United Way (United Way:8476;  CFC: 28290)


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