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Previous Editions of The Poison Post®

December 2014

  • Holly Berries

  • Antidepressants

  • Poinsettia: Irritating but Not Fatal

  • Poisons and Antidotes in Children's Books

  • Marijuana

October 2014

  • Halloween Tricks, Treats, Glow Sticks

  • Brown Recluse Spider Bites

  • Heroin

  • Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac

  • Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

June 2014

  • Iron Poisoning

  • Caterpillar Stings

  • Essential Oils

  • Acne Treatment: New Warnings

  • Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

March 2014

  • Buprenorphine: Very Dangerous to Children

  • Over the Counter (OTC) Labels

  • Club Drugs - "Molly"

  • Homeopathic Medications for Children

  • National Poison Prevention Week

December 2013

  • Holiday Poison Safety

  • We Need Your Support. Donate Now!

  • Safe Storage of Medical Marijuana

  • Paints for Indoor Use

  • Pain Relievers: Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aspirin

  • Caffeine: Is It A Problem for Kids?

September 2013

  • Electronic Cigarettes

  • Household Product Labels

  • Sodium: Too Much of A Good Thing

  • Support Your Poison Center

  • Inhaling Alcohol Is Dangerous

  • Non-Toxic Substances Cause Worry

July 2013

  • Gasoline and Kids

  • Contaminated Weight Loss Supplements

  • My Child Ate a Cigarette!

  • News about Lead for Pregnant Women

  • Ancient Shipwreck, Modern Medicine

April 2013

  • Food Poisoning

  • Do Fish Cause Foodborne Illness?

  • How Can I Prevent Food Poisoning

  • Support Your Poison Center: Donate Now!


February 2013

  • Grapefruit and Medicines

  • Medicated Liquids for your Vaporizer

  • Kids and Alcohol

  • Windshield Washer Solution: A Winter Hazard

  • You Put What in Your Eye? (Ocular Exposures)

December 2012

  • Poison Prevention for the Holidays

  • Support your Poison Center

  • Interactions between Medicines, Herbs, and Dietary Supplements

  • The Toxicity of Rubbing Alcohol

  • Pets and Medication Errors

  • Kids and Spray Bottles

  • Toxic Twist - Fun Quiz

October 2012

  • Antibiotic Overdoses

  • Spice and Bath Salts: Dangerous and Illegal

  • Kids Will Swallow Anything

  • Online Pharmacies: Avoid the Frauds

  • Alternative Medicines for Colds - Do they Help?

  • Poisonous Attraction: The Danger of Magnets

August 2012

  • Laundry Detergent Pods

  • Babies and Ranitidine (Zantac®)

  • Purple Berries Look Alike (Pokeberries)

  • Grandparents and Child Safety: Today's World

  • Take Care with Head Lice Treatments

  • Using "Skin Patch" Medicines

June 2012

  • Safe Use of Antihistamines

  • Bee Stings: Ordinary Sting or Allergic Reaction?

  • Toddlers and Birth Control Pills

  • Support Your Poison Center

  • Cocoa Bean Mulch Can Poison Dogs

  • Black Widow Spiders

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

April 2012

  • It's Time for Lyme (Disease)

  • Teaching Children to Take Medicine

  • Ecstasy: A Summary of Harmful Effects

  • ADHD Drugs and the Heart

  • Medication Errors

  • Side Effects from Drugs Send Seniors to the Hospital

February 2012

  • Safe Valentine's Day

  • Slippery and Dangerous: Household Hydrocarbons

  • Prescription Overdose Deaths: Who Is at Risk?

  • My Prescription Medication Looks Different

  • Medication Errors

  • Laundry Products

  • Should I Take Expired Medications?

  • National Poison Prevention Week

December 2011

  • Support Your Poison Center

  • Christmas Tree Preservatives

  • Childhood Poisonings

  • Bed Bugs

  • Melatonin

  • Fireplace Perils

  • Lead Poisoning in Children:Unusual Sources

  • "Bubble" Holiday Lights

  • ADHD Medications

  • Herbals and Orthopedic Surgery

  • A Warning About Teething Gels

  • Pets and Holiday Hazards

October 2011

  • Don't Give Botanicals or Teas to Infants

  • Mold 101.  Effects on Human Health

  • Compact Florescent Light Bulb Cleanup

  • Simpler Acetaminophen Dosing for Children

  • Poisoned at The Office? 


June 2011

  • Fake Pot and Cocaine

  • Eating Bugs

  • Grilled Meat: A Cancer Risk?

  • Skin Problems from Outdoor Plants

  • DEET (Insect Repellent)


March 2011

  • New Vitamin D Recommendations

  • Are Diaper Rash Products Dangerous?

  • Kombucha: Health Tonic or Danger?

  • Spring Lawn Chemicals: What to Watch For

  • Chelation: Therapy or "Therapy"?


December 2010

  • Drunk + Buzzed = Danger (Four Loko, Joose, etc)

  • What Belongs in a Soft Drink Bottle?

  • Dental Fillings Don't Cause Mercury Poisoning

  • Denture Creams with Zinc

  • Ice Melt Products, Pets and Kids

  • Another Reason Not To Smoke

  • Tea Tree Oil


October 2010

  • Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

  • Larger Batteries Can Kill Children

  • Prescription Pain Killers

  • When The Chili Is Too Hot

  • Reed Diffusers: Potential Household Risk


Baby with shot

June 2010

  • New Findings about Inhalant Abuse

  • Test Your Poison Smarts

  • You Can Help Protect The Water Supply

  • Pesticides and Nerve Agents

  • Don't Feed Honey to Infants


pesticide being sprayed

March 2010

  • Children's Jewelry Recall (Cadmium)

  • Snakebites in March?

  • Plastic Containers (BPA): Are They Harmful?

  • Planning a Home Remodel?

  • National Poison Prevention Week

  • The Time To Act Is Now (Suicide Prevention)


December 2009

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Video Games?

  • Acetaminophen: Take it Safely

  • Poisons and Pregnancy

  • Beverage or Medicine?

  • Kitchen Cautions and Surprises


October 2009

  • Time to Clean Out The Medicine Cabinet

  • Artificial Sweetener, Xylitol, Could Harm Your Pet

  • Changing The Taste Doesn't Reduce Poisonings

  • Your Turn To Submit A Question

  • Do You Remember?

Health Alert: Torch Fuel (Summer 2009)

June 2009

  • Jellyfish: A Pain at the Beach

  • Suntan Lotion and Insect Repellent

  • Scombroid & Ciguatera (poisoning from spoiled fish)

  • Wild Mushroom Warning


March 2009

  • Medications Can Get Confusing!

  • Every Week Is Poison Prevention Week

  • Poisoning: Locally and Nationally

  • He Sat On A Snake (and other true springtime stories)


December 2008

  • Cold Medicine Not For Children Younger Than 4

  • Use Acetaminophen Safely

  • Poison Prevention For Cold Weather

  • Diabetes Medication

October 2008
  • Taking Your Woolies Out Of Mothballs
  • Safe Use Of Art Products
  • Grab A Green Bottle
  • Caution With Caustics

Summer 2008
  • Torch Fuel - A Fatal Mistake
  • How Much Caffeine Is In That?
  • Take The Number On The Road
  • Don't Invite The Death Angel To Dinner

March 2008
  • National Poison Prevention Week
  • Valentine's Day - Heart Month
  • Is It A Pill Or Candy?
  • Cough And Cold Medicine Safety

December 2007

  • Antifreeze. Good for Car, Bad for Kids and Pets

  • What is This (Yew and Paclitaxel)?

  • A Gift for The Person Who Has Everything

  • Carbon Monoxide:  Still A Silent Killer

  • Aquadots, In Case You Missed It

October 2007  

  • Mouse and Rat Poisons

  • Fall Berries

  • Pop Quiz about Operatic Poisons

  • Gas Siphoning

June 2007
  • Hand Sanitizer - What's the Real Story

  • Use DEET Safely

  • Would You Put This In Your Eyes or Ears? 

  • Morning Glories

  • Inhalant Abuse - What Every Parent Should Know

March 2007

  • Death by Chocolate

  • What You Don't Know About the Easter Lily

  • Would You Eat This? - Chocolate Look-Alikes

Winter 2006

  • Teens and Cough Medicine Abuse

  • Deck the Halls

  • A New Toy Safety Concern

  • Would You Drink This? -- Oil Lamps and Candle Lamps

  • A Quick Checklist for Holiday Safety

Fall 2006

  • Poison Prevention for Children - Free DVD Now Available

  • Thanksgiving Poison Prevention Tips

  • The Latest Household Cleaning Product Being Mistaken for A Beverage- Fabuloso

  • Poisoned Apples? Poisoned Wine? Poisonous “Medicine”? Vanquishing Your Enemy with….Poison Ivy??? - Children's Books and Poisons

  • Poison Ivy Poison Prevention

Summer 2006

  • Unwelcome Picnic Guests: Food Poisoning Germs

  • What Is This? -- The Saddleback Caterpillar

  • A Heart-to-Heart Conversation -- Foxglove

  • Be Alarmed - Don't Be Charmed -- Children's Jewelry Charms and Lead Poisoning

  • Please Tell Us Your Story. Share Your Poison Center Experience

Special Health Alert
  • Lead Poisoning, Reebok Bracelet

Spring 2006

  • Spring Cleaning

  • Daffodils, Azaleas, Mushrooms - Are They Poisonous?

  • National Poison Prevention Week

  • Inhalant Abuse - The Invisible Drug of Abuse

  • Help the Poison Center Raise Money through Golf!

December 2005

  • Poisonings Increase When Families Travel
  • Is This Plant Poisonous?
  • The Morning After The Holiday Party
  • Button Batteries: Are They Dangerous?
  • It's Tax Deductible

October 2005

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Keep The Tricks Out Of The Treats
  • Light Sticks Q&A
  • What's In This Glass
  • Discounts At Montgomery Mall
  • The Poison Center Celebrates 25 Years
  • Donate Now!


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